APO Training – Completed!

We finished our first training, APO (Appointee Orientation), at WorldVenture today…and we learned a ton!

Most importantly, we feel like we are now a part of the WorldVenture family. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true. Jesse and I really were inspired by everyone’s story…how they came to faith in Jesus, how they felt a call to missions, how they found their call to their country/people group, etc. There was a couple that were 4th generation missionaries, and there was a couple that were 1st generation missionaries. Some were going to church plant, some were doing totally new/innovating ministries like Martial Arts outreach! We also were able to meet a couple that is going to Uganda (and has been living there for almost 2 years already). They are about our age, just had their first baby last year, and are also working in Business as Missions. We have a feeling that this couple is about to become life-long friends of ours.

We also got to start our mentor-ship with Eric and Rebecca from our church here in Denver. WOW! God totally knew what he was doing with this one. The more we learn about Eric and Rebecca, the more obvious it is that this was arranged by Him long before we asked them (which was only about a month ago!). We also got a TON of support from the leadership of our church. Eric is one of the elders, and two pastors (Stephen and Dan) came to the Celebration Service on Monday morning, too! Jesse’s parents and my father were also able to attend.

If you would like to see the service, here is the link!


– 28:50 is our speech.
– 1:28:20 is when we accept our certificate.
– 1:3:50 is when they pan across all the Appointees in this class, and then ask mentors and parents to come up and pray.
– and 26:00 is the speech from the couple that is going to Uganda with us that I mentioned earlier (Besty and Micah).
We are SO excited to keep moving forward and follow God’s calling in our lives.
Prayer Requests…
– wisdom on when to transition away from our current jobs.
– wisdom as we enter into Partner Development
– health and time management as we prepare for the Partner Development Express (PDX) training in September
– for our future boss in Uganda, Thomas. He’s been on our hearts lately, and has been a HUGE support through this whole process.
Please let us know how we can be praying for you, too!
~Rachel & Jesse
aka. Team Geiger

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APO Training – Day 1

Today is Day 1 of APO Training at WorldVenture.

We learned a lot about the organization, like what all the different departments do and where everyone is in the office. We also got to meet all the other trainees. This is the largest APO class that WV has ever had! There is another couple doing Transformational Ventures (Business-as-Missions) in Uganda!…and two other women who are going to Uganda.

Another thing we learned was our estimated Monthly Package…or our expected financial need for 3 years with WorldVenture/Lumi. We expect the numbers to change a bit, as they have only had a few weeks to put our Package together (since we just got Appointed in June) and as numbers are refined. I doubt it will change very substantially, however.

Basically, it looks like we’ll need about $6500/month and about $38,500 in one-time costs to get there, etc.

That’s a lot of money.
However, we serve a big God, and I know He will provide for the work He has asked us to do.

Thank you for all your support and prayers.
I’ll complete at least one more Blog update while in Training.

God Bless,
~Rachel & Jesse

PS. Check out our name tags! We’re legit!  =)