Meet Team Geiger

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We are Engineers/Entrepreneurs with Lumi, and WET Consulting Ltd, both business-as-missions (BAM) in northern Uganda.

About Rachel & Jesse (Team Geiger):
We met while earning our engineering degrees from the Colorado School of Mines and married a few years later. We each had felt God lead us to engineering–Rachel for water and Jesse for renewable energy–with the intent that we would apply our skills to serve others. Since college, we have been able to work on projects in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Guatemala, and the United States.

In 2014, after learning about Lumi’s need for Engineering Directors, we joined WorldVenture and moved to Uganda to work for Lumi the following year for a 3-year term. Lumi is a Christian business-as-mission whose mission is to increase access to electricity. To do this, Lumi sells small scale solar units in a rent-to-own structure that reduces the high up-front costs of solar units and provides a safer, healthier, and cheaper lighting source than candles and kerosene lanterns. Lumi creates jobs, empowers rural areas, and trains local staff to bring light to their community by reaching people in their homes through a sustainable business model. Lumi also designs and installs larger solar power systems for schools, clinics, etc.

In 2017, Rachel left Lumi and co-founded WET Consulting Ltd, a water well drilling company and environmental consulting firm. WET drills boreholes (water wells), installs pumps (hand pumps, electric pumps, and solar pumps), and can design small-scale distribution systems. The profits generated through these business activities are used to offer subsidized water wells to qualifying rural communities.

In 2018, at the end of our 3-year term, we decided to continue our work in Uganda and transitioned from WorldVenture to Shepherd’s Staff.

Join us:

If you would like to join Team Geiger, please visit our Partner With Us page!

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