Back in Uganda

Jesse here. This has been quite the whirlwind season, but after about 6 weeks in the US we are now back in Gulu and trying to pick up our work where we left off. Since being back we have been diving deeper into community, figuring out our new normal with a now 6 month old and catching up on our backlog of projects.

To summarize our travels back to Gulu, everything went smoothly and the way it should have gone. Flights went smoothly with our well traveled baby.  Typical vehicle annoyances (flat tire, dead battery) in Kampala delayed our trip long enough to see an old friend in Kampala and begin our work visa applications before traveling smoothly to Gulu. Once we arrived our friends and community in Gulu were welcoming and gracious enough to cook dinners for us for the first week we were back which really helped us resettle and reconnect. It was such a blessing.

Finally getting a nursery 5 months in!

Once back in our place it was time to begin unpacking our lives from the last year.  We realised sometime near the end of our trip in the US that we have not slept more than 8 weeks in the same house consecutively for more than a year! Even now, many boxes still haven’t been unpacked but we are slowly getting our home back in order as we get back into the swing of life.

I jumped right back into the work process with Lumi once we got back to Gulu. There were many clients for larger system whom have ordered systems in the last month or so and I’m trying my best to get on top of the workload. So far I’ve commissioned a system that Lumi’s technician installed while we were away, installed solar pumps for 2 NGOs, and designed about 6 systems that will be put in over the next few months.

Rachel with EV at a drill site near Gulu

While Rachel has been away, WET Consulting has continued to operate. In the last 7 months they have been able to drill 6+ boreholes for private clients and 6 for communities. Rachel had the opportunity 2 weeks ago to go out to a drill site so that the WET team could meet the new baby. Rachel will continue to support WET mostly from the office for the near term but she still plans to go to the field from time to time.

We are currently in Kampala for EV’s vaccinations and to continue moving the ball forward with our visa applications.

Coming Up:
Lumi has at least 2 major installs by the middle of October and will be making change to its small scale sales in an effort to improve sales.

Prayer Requests:
– As you may have guessed this has been a stressful season on all of us, as a family, as a marriage, as parents, etc. Please pray that we choose God as our refuge in this time.
– As we started to settle, life decided to add injury to our mix. I tore my calf muscle playing a friendly soccer match on Sunday. While it should not have lasting damage, it will be a few months until full recovery. Please pray for quick healing
– God’s guidance for how He would like us to be in this season and in where our path leads in the future.

One thought on “Back in Uganda

  1. You guys have sure been through it but thankful you are now back home and get can settled in. Continuing to pray for your ministry.

    LeAnn Custer

    Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. 1 Peter 1:2

    Cell Phone: 719.323.1981


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