Geiger US trip summary

We are so grateful that we were able to spend almost 2 months in the US this year!

There were several reasons for our visit. The main reasons were:  updating supporters about switching agencies (new organization is Shepherd’s Staff) and extending our time in Uganda, visiting family since we aren’t moving back to the US yet, complete some work for Lumi, complete some work regarding switching agencies, and for a cross-cultural break!

Trying to see everyone in 7 weeks means that we moved around a lot! We did our best but we definitely missed some people during our trip. Hopefully we will be able to connect with those we missed next time we are in the US.

We have been in Uganda for about 1 week so far and have hit the ground running. We had meetings in the afternoon of our first day back, drove up to Gulu the next day, Tim handed over all the WET projects after church on Sunday, then started work on Monday! While we are looking forward to getting settled and back into a routine in Gulu, we know that the next 3 months will be CRAZY busy! I (Rachel) am running WET solo for the next 3 months as Tim is back in the UK on furlough/support-raising (what is a furlough? click HERE to learn more). Jesse has a new Operations Manager that he will be bringing on board while expanding Lumi’s sales territories and product offerings.

I’ve put some highlight photos from our time in the US below and our prayer requests are below those. Thanks for following along with us on this journey!


A long way to go!


First visit to the US grocery store. SO much stuff! I loved it. Jesse was overwhelmed!


Dressed up for my friend’s wedding!


Went to an orchard in Ohio. The apples were amazing!


Beautiful sunsets on Lake Erie while seeing family.


Jesse presented two sessions at the Engineering Ministries International conference near Portland, Oregon.


I was able to attend as well and learned a lot about water, wastewater, etc.


We take a picture with the anniversary number each year on our anniversary. This year (married for 7 years!) we found the number at an airport gate!


Spent an extra day in downtown Portland for our anniversary. We visited the beautiful rose gardens!


So glad we got to spend time with family, like our cute little nephew!

Prayer Requests:

  • For sustainable work/life rhythms while in Uganda, since we are hitting the ground running and have extra heavy work loads right now.
  • For health and safety for us and our co-workers.
  • For quick adjustment back to Uganda. We have had a bit of a rough landing due to car repair issues and multiple issues with the house we are currently living in. It is always a bit hard to jump back into another way to life and we would appreciate prayer that we can re-adjust quickly.
  • For a quick transition to the new organization. We are officially now with Shepherd’s Staff (SS)! The exit process with WorldVenture (WV) will take approximately 5 months, so we have some work left there. Additionally, we are trying to transition our financial supporters from WV to SS. Pray that our financial supporters transfer quickly and that we can communicate clearly with them to prevent lost support. Pray that we are able to exit WV smoothly over the next few months.
  • Grateful that we received a few very helpful one-time financial donations while we were in the US which will help cover some extra cost we’ve had lately (like the car repairs!) and some support gaps.

Thank you all for following along with us and we are so glad that we were able to reconnect with so many of you during our recent trip!

¬Team Geiger

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