Top 3 Drilling Company

“WET is probably our top drilling company. At least in the top 3.”

That’s what the inventor of our drilling rig told WET Consulting Ltd during his visit to Gulu. He said of the 60+ drilling groups that have one of his machines, we are in the top 3 in terms of how many boreholes we’ve drilled and the quality of our work.

I was eating dinner at the local coffee shop -slash- American restaurant in town when a fellow diner asked me if I live here, what I do, etc. I responded that I run a drilling company and he asked what machine we use. I said the Village Drill and he excitedly said that the inventor was coming tomorrow to train a group from Kampala on the new version of the machine. We scheduled to meet up at his hotel later that week and then visit his drill site.

At the drill site, we saw the newer version of our rig. It was cool to see a brand new one, as we bought ours used. It was so clean! There were a few new features that would be nice to have, but given the customs charges, I think we got a great deal and made the right decision when we bought our rig.

The next day, we took our drill team out to the site to meet the inventor and see the new rig. Our drill team leader asked great questions and actually offered some better techniques to the official trainers! It was great for both WHO Lives (which produces the Village Drill) and for us. Our team felt so encouraged hearing that we were doing so well compared to the other teams, and the inventor felt encouraged to see one of his rigs doing so well. Tim and I enjoyed meeting with him also as we learned a few tricks to maximize our rig.



The newer version of the Village Drill.


The inventor (John), a photographer for his group WHO Lives, Tim, and a WHO Lives trainer discussing the soil samples.


The WHO Lives trainer (pink shirt on the left) and our drill team (dress, black shirt, red shirt, and blue jacket) discussing some of the new features on the rig.

R&T with wheel

Tim and I with the wheel for our drill rig! Photo for WHO Lives

Parts of the rig have been with a welder for a while, so we haven’t had any drilling lately. Instead, I’ve been designing water distribution systems and re-learning all that is Fluid Dynamics! I’ve identified a guy on our drill team who has great promise, good educational and experiential background, and strong ethics. I’ll be training him one day a week with the hopes that he could potentially take over some/all of my role and/or just move forward in his career.

Prayer Requests:

  • Jesse has finished his 2nd round of the UN Grant application. We should hear the results in late-May. Pray that Lumi gets the grant.
  • Lumi has been in discussions with an organization that supports start-ups in difficult regions (like Gulu). This organization has already offered a lot of help for the business and MAY be an option to support Jesse and I to stay here after July. Thank God with us that we have found this group for Lumi and pray that we have wisdom in this partnership.
  • Our term with WorldVenture ends in mid-July. At this point, it looks very likely that we will stay in Uganda a bit longer. We still don’t know if that will be with WorldVenture or not. Please pray for wisdom for us in this decision.

Thank you for following along in our journey! Let us know how we can be praying for you!


5 thoughts on “Top 3 Drilling Company

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Reading your email left me hanging! “At this point, it looks very likely that we will stay in Uganda a bit longer. We still don’t know if that will be with WorldVenture or not. Please pray for wisdom for us in this decision.” Does that mean you’re praying for discernment on whether to return to the US or whether to stay with WorldVenture v. affiliate with a different mission organization?



    • Sorry to be unclear! It is sort of both as they may affect each other.
      At this point, we want to stay in UG, but if things change with Lumi or if we can’t find a good way to stay (WorldVenture or other way), then we may go back. But it is looking more and more likely that Lumi will need Jesse in Gulu and more and more likely that we will be able to find a good way to stay here (WorldVenture or other). It is possible that we may not even need to be with a mission organization! Still a lot to figure out.
      Lots of options, so discernment all around would be great!
      Thanks for asking.


  2. Would you have believed almost three years ago that you guys would be filling these huge roles in Uganda?!?! So neat to see how God has used your willingness to step out and trust Him for big things. Praying you will be able to stay after July!! Very proud of you both, Jake


    • Right?! We were just talking with someone who kept talking to us like we were “business people”, and then I realized that we are now! Engineers undercover as entrepreneurs. Who would have thought?!
      Thanks for all your support over the years.


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