UN Grant, UG Client, Uncharted Territory

Lumi – Lumi Store

The Lumi store is up and running. The main sales officer reached his monthly sales goal in approximately two weeks! 3 agent shops have been identified and the first one has been trained. Sales from the store have greatly exceeded expectations which is great and means that Jesse picked a great location. There a dozen or so stories of how amazingly the Lumi team is launching the store and implementing the new sales model. Too many to list here, but one example is that one of Lumi’s original team members offered to shift to part-time since he isn’t as critical in the next few months so that Lumi could hire a new and more immediately relevant sales agent. The team has been self-sacrificing, creative, and determined in helping Lumi launch on the best footing.

It took quite a lot of renovating to bring the new Lumi store up to standards. Here is the “before”, “during”, and “after” photos of the store’s transformation.

New Lumi Team

Bringing the team back together. From left to right : Innocent, Eric, George, and Taban

First Agent Shop

Our first Agent Shop in Koro Abili

Lumi – UN Grant

UN Grant – Lumi has applied for a grant from the UN that would be used to match Lumi and investor dollars to build the new technology Jesse and I designed in 2016 and to test Lumi’s new sales model. We found out a couple weeks ago that Lumi made it on the short list! This means that Lumi is one of the top 10 applicants for this grant. The grant will be awarded to multiple companies, so Lumi has a strong chance of being awarded this grant. What it means for now is that Jesse has three weeks to complete the entire second stage of the application which is very long and detailed, while helping the shop in it’s first few months. The final application will be submitted today, so he will have more time for the shop soon!

Lumi/Personal – Jesse’s US trip

Jesse visited the US for about 10 days in February. While there he visited friends and family, as well as given presentations to both of our supporting churches, Faith Lutheran Church in Castle Rock, Colorado and New Denver Church in Denver, Colorado. It was a great time of encouragement, but it was also full of business connections for Lumi. Lumi gained two new advisors and Jesse attended an event hosted by Denver Institute for Faith & Work.

Jesse in US

Good to catch up with Denver friends!

WET – First Private Ugandan Client

WET had it’s first private Ugandan client! WET has struggled to secure a contract with a private Ugandan client as the negotiation process and expectations are radically different than what is the done in the US or UK. Nearly all prices are negotiable in Uganda, and this client pushed WET pretty hard, but we were able to offer him drilling services for a price he could agree to. The site was in a location that is infamous for dry boreholes and high bedrock, so we were a bit nervous. After the second day, the drill team had drilled 20 meters and there was still no water. We were holding our breath as there is only one other hole we’ve drilled that didn’t have water by 20 meters, and it was our one dry borehole. Then next day, the team drilled to 30 meters. We measured the water level and basically the water started at 20 meters! So the hole had 10 meters of water, which is GREAT in that area! Everything was successful and we are all SO grateful for not only a successful drilling job, but also for a successful completion of our first contract with a private Ugandan client!

Dons borehole

Finished borehole

Personal – Birthdays!

Jesse’s birthday is in January and mine is in February. We wrapped up our birthdays and Valentines celebrations into a weekend at Sipi Falls. This was a place that I visited in 2010 when I was in Uganda as an intern with EMI and I remember thinking then that if I ever came back to Uganda with Jesse I would have to bring him here as it was so gorgeous. It was probably one of the best weekends of our life.


Gulu is the blue circle. Sipi Falls in the Red marker.


The view of the middle waterfall from our front door.


It’s hard to make out but you can see all 3 falls in this photo. It was so beautiful there.

During my (Rachel’s) actual birthday, the drill team was on site for our first Ugandan client. They sent me a great video with birthday greetings from the site and this great photo showing one team member (center of the drill rig) making a “3” with his fingers and another member (below the yellow wheel) making a “2”. This photo makes me SO happy, I’ll keep it forever. Working here is such an amazing (and difficult and exhausting and…) experience, but as everyone says, it is the relationships you build that makes it all so great. Jesse and I are definitely experiencing that.

32 Drill birthday

Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom and energy for Jesse while balancing two full-time work loads with the Lumi store relaunch and the UN grant applications.
  • Praise for WET’s first private Ugandan client and for that project’s success!
  • For WET to identify a Ugandan engineer to start training for an engineering management position.
  • For help for both WET and Lumi. Jesse and I could each really use another person to help us with our workloads.
  • Wisdom and clarity for both of us in deciding what comes next for TeamGeiger after our current term with WorldVenture ends this July.

Thank you for following along with us! Please stay in touch!

~Rachel (& Jesse) Geiger

2 thoughts on “UN Grant, UG Client, Uncharted Territory

  1. What a great update! So neat to see how God is using you both in your areas of strength and blessing your efforts. I know it is not without its challenges and stresses but you guys have kept at it. And I’m so glad you took time away to enjoy your birthdays and Valentines day, but most importantly to decompress a bit. My prayer is that you will see God at work in and through you and that you will continue to draw closer to Him through the process.

    I’ll start praying that you will get everything done for the application, Jesse, and that God will bless you with this grant. And that a friend of yours might want to join your ministry in Uganda. Also continually pray for your future plans after July.

    For devotions this year I am using the NRSV Daily Bible with Meditations; the translation is different so sometimes I have to refer to my NIV/ESV to remember how a passage is usually stated! The good thing is that I don’t just read over familiar passages but they catch my attention since they are sometimes stated differently. I’m in 1 Kings right now and in verse 8:58 Solomon prays that God would incline the hearts of the Israelites towards Him (the Hebrew literally means “bend their hearts”, which I like) so that they will walk in His ways, which involves obedience. Then in 8:61 Solomon prays that the Israelites will devote themselves wholeheartedly to God, choosing to walk in his ways and demonstrating this by obedience. This is a lesson I learned years ago, that I cannot wholeheartedly follow God all the days of my life without his help; we both have a part to play if I want to look back on a lifetime of having never forsaken Him. So that was my prayer for you both today, that God will bend your hearts towards him and that you will choose to follow Him with all your hearts!

    Next time you are speaking at a church in Colorado, please let us know as we’d love to come hear your presentation – if we’re home. Glad you were able to make some good connections.

    God’s Blessings, Jake

    LeAnn Custer Cell Phone: 719.323.1981




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