Plumbing, bacteria, and Kenya!

Since my last update WET has focused on catching up on projects and business administration items, but Jesse and I were also able to take a week-long break and go to the beach! WET has finished its registration process, finalized the accounting, learned a lot about submersible pumps, and completed the first water quality tests. Check out the photos below!

WET Updates:

Bacteria – I’ll start with my most exciting news, which is about the first borehole we drilled which is in Abwoc. We took samples and completed our bacteria testing. Guess what? Totally clean! Check it out compared with a sample from a nearby shallow borehole and the stream which are the other water sources.


The blue/purple dots are E.Coli bacteria colonies. The red/pink dots are other bacteria. Check out our sample! No dots! LtoR: Stream, Shallow borehole, WET borehole

I am very excited about these results. I had been feeling a bit discouraged after our dry test hole in Masindi District, so knowing that our first borehole in a local community is totally clean was such an encouragement. I went and drank from it earlier this week. Here a very cheesy photo of me at the Abwoc borehole when we took the samples for testing.


Pumping water samples at the Abwoc borehole.

Hope Alive! – We also installed the plumbing, tank stand, tank, and taps at the Hope Alive! site in preparation for the pump installation. Selecting the right pump for this site has been a struggle as the borehole has a low yield so the pump needs to be low-flow, but I think we have finally found a good solution through Jesse and Lumi. He will be installing a low flow solar pump. Personally, I love it when our projects get to overlap!

Accounting – I won’t bore you with a photo of spreadsheets, but I spent about 10 days entering in all our expenses from the last 3-4 months and organizing our accounting for 5 different accounts. It is finished and was handed off to our Business Manager and fellow WET Director, Alfred (who you may remember from last September, when I was the coordinator for his wedding to my friend and fellow Coloradoan Elizabeth!).

Rig Rental – We’ve also decided to try renting out the rig. We realized that the pre- and post- drilling work for each drilling job can take a substantial amount of time, so to keep the rig as busy as possible while still maintaining our own work load we are testing out renting it to select water professionals in the area. The rig just returned from its first rental job yesterday. This rental program will be a great additional income stream for WET and an easy way to maximize the number of new water sources being developed.

Lumi Update:

(This is Jesse writing now) Lumi continues to have more and more large PV system work coming in. Since last month plus I have had 3 separate installations: a hospital backup system (and rewiring work) for their new blood fridge, a missionary family in Gulu, and another missionary family near Kampala. In addition to these installations I have also designed and am planning for installing a PV system for a school near Gulu and a solar powered water pump for WET after Thanksgiving.   I will get better at taking photos at these work various sites. 🙂

In addition to the larger scale installations, our franchisee continues to make sales and has begun to make a niche for himself as a seller of quality and affordable solar lamps. He has purchased from me/Lumi and sold 40 lamps in the last month and I’m confident he can keep the momentum going.

Personal Updates:

Anniversary – Jesse and I celebrated our 6-year wedding anniversary! We always take a photo of ourselves with the number of the anniversary. This year, we used the green hose from our drill rig, lit the photo with Lumi solar lights, stood in front of the wall that collapsed twice in a week, and it was taken by our neighbors! This photo (although it looks like we are trying to break out of a prison!) is my favorite anniversary photo yet!


6 year wedding anniversary!

We spent a week with our neighbors at the beach in Kenya on their way back to their home country. It was such a needed rest after working a break-neck pace for the last 3 months. I was very grateful for that time with our friends, time with Jesse, and that Tim kept things going at WET so I could go. We stayed very near where we had the conference last year, but this time, it was just a vacation (no meetings).

Prayer Requests:

  • Please continue to pray for us to have clarity of vision for our next journey and for wisdom in deciding what is right for us and our work here. Our term with WorldVenture expires in July 2018, and our work permits expire a bit later than that. That means it is time to start talking about what comes next. Jesse and I have been prayerfully seeking guidance and vision for our next season.
  • We are both so grateful for safety while driving and working. We both have a lot more driving coming up, so please always be praying for our safety (especially for trained mechanics for the vehicles).

Thank you for following our journey!


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