Water (and general) Update!

We reached our fundraising goal!

I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers, encouragement, and donations that made this possible.

If you haven’t ever had to raise money through donations for something that matters a lot to you, let me tell you that it can be one of the most humbling and beautiful experiences. To put a request out there to the world, without any idea of how it will be received, and then watch as people respond. It is such an honor to be able to connect people to a cause and to be reminded that I am not alone, but one member of a much bigger group that believes in this cause.

The group that donated the money for this drill rig is really diverse. Strangers. Family. Old friends. Missionaries. Churches. Atheists. Young people. Older people. Americans. Europeans.

This diversity is a reflection of one of the powerful things about water. It affects everyone. Everyone needs it.

What’s Next

I’ve also started an on-line WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) class through the International WaterCentre in Australia. I’m learning a lot that will help with the business. My partner Tim is back in Uganda and we have already started moving forward. We are negotiating the purchase with the drill’s current owner, finalizing the financial model with Jesse, identifying our first borehole locations, and preparing necessary registrations. We’ve connected with another American driller who has been working in Uganda for a long time, and are planning a trip to visit with him. Tim and I are expecting our first holes in late-June!

Other news

Jesse’s parents visited!

We had a great time with them and are glad that they were able to see Uganda, and our home, work, and friends while they were here. There are WAY too many pictures to put on this post, but here are a few.

J,B,B Geiger Equator_edited

We traveled to the equator on our first day together!

Gulu market

We spent a lot of time at the market in Gulu. This place sells everything! This photo only shows maybe 1/8th of the place! This row sells dried fish, and the next rows sells matoke plantains.

Local Food_edited

They tried the local foods. Yum!

We visited Kidepo Valley National park and Murchison National Parks for safari!

BB Geiger Anniversary_edited

Celebrated Brad and Becky’s 33rd Anniversary!

Becky getting on boda_edited

Becky took a boda (motorcycle) ride!

Then we all spent the last week of their visit in Kampala because Jesse had a solar training with Taban (left) and Innocent (right). We enjoyed the fact that rainy season had started in Kampala, since we had been completely out of water for about a week in Gulu.

Prayer Requests:

  • We can use prayer for safety while traveling. We have lots of travel coming up (getting the drill rig, visiting the other driller, Jesse has some Lumi sites to visit).
  • We need a lot of wisdom right now. There are lots of decisions to make in this early stage of the water business and it is hard to know the “right” answer. Our next blog will give a big update on Lumi, but it is also going through a big change and Jesse and the Lumi team will need wisdom for that as well.
  • We are grateful for a great visit from Jesse’s parents.
  • We are grateful for raising all the funds needed for the water drill rig!

Thank you all so much for your continued support! Please feel free to write/email any time.

~Rachel & Jesse Geiger

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