Back “home”

Since our last blog post, we have traveled a lot and are now back home in Gulu. [Side: I feel like we could use the word “home” to refer to a lot of places now. =) ]

Our visit back to the States was such an encouragement. I was especially impressed by people’s genuine interest in what we are doing, our lives in Uganda, and our Ugandan friends and colleagues. I know that not every overseas worker has such a supportive network of friends and family, and we are truly grateful.

When we returned to Uganda, we spent a few days in Kampala to attend the Field Meeting with our agency, and then headed up to Gulu. When we got home, our neighbors had decorated our house, made us dinner, and stocks our kitchen with the basics. It was a great welcome!

Some highlight photos….


Flying over the Front Range of Colorado!


Gorgeous New Mexico.


Green chile of course!


Our decorated living room!


Dry season has killed all our grass (or is it reverse hibernation?), but this gorgeous tree provides a welcomed alternative ground covering with its beautiful flowers.


This picture sums up dry season to me. Burning piles of field/yard debris, blinding sun, and dusty roads. Strangely beautiful.

With regards to Lumi, we very recently received some unfortunate updates regarding the capital raise with potential investors. Please be praying for Lumi to find some funding.

With regards to the mission agency (WV), we have a new family moving to Gulu! It is a couple that we knew from Denver. The husband worked for the agency at the time, and while we were in application with the agency, the couple also applied to move to Gulu (no, not because of us). The husband has an MBA and the wife works in early childhood education. They both intend to work with Hope Alive! which is the ministry that Jesse and I supported by volunteering with Engineering Ministries International last February. Hope Alive! is run by another WV missionary that moved to Gulu (from Kampala) late 2016. The husband has also helped with Lumi in the past and may do so once they are settled. Jesse and I will be helping them through this transition and are looking forward to having them here. They are coming with their young son (9 months).

Our next update will most likely be about the water project, so stay tuned!

Prayer Requests:

  • Urgent Request:  Please be in prayer for Lumi. The finances are tight. As you know, Lumi has been trying to complete a big funding round, but that has just hit a few set backs. Please pray that the business would succeed and find funding opportunities. Also for the health, safety, and growth of all the Lumi team members.
  • Praise:  Grateful for such a great trip back to the States, and for safety while traveling.
  • Praise:  Grateful that it looks like we can reduce some of our budget here so that we can avoid raising more financial support.
  • Request:  Please pray for the new family that is moving to Gulu (they land in Uganda tonight!). The transition can be long and difficult, but they already have a great head start. Pray also for wisdom for us on how to best help through this time.

Thank you so much for following along with us!

~Rachel (& Jesse) Geiger

One thought on “Back “home”

  1. Love the update and photos. Who is the new couple joining you? Will pray for their adjustment!

    Have a great day full of peace and joy.


    _____________________________________ LEANN CUSTER WorldVenture Cell Phone: 719.323.1981



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