Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Jesse and I have been in the United States for the holidays this year. My brother had his first child on December 18, so we decided to come over to the U.S.! Jesse and I are now an Aunt and Uncle!


L to R: Jesse, Rachel, Tiffany with week-old baby Archer, James (Rachel’s brother), Abigail (Rachel’s sister) with Annabel-the-cat, Russell (Rachel’s father), and Bentley Moose-the-dog.

We spent a week in New Hampshire where my brother and sister-in-law live. We were actually picked up at the Boston airport by our CTO who also lives in New Hampshire. We had a bunch of solar products to deliver to him, as well. We visited one of Lumi’s Advisors, too.


Lumi’s CTO, and our friend, John, at his laboratory in New Hampshire!

My father is originally from the Northeast, and since the baby came some close to Christmas, everyone got together to celebrate! I think we had about 25 people together for Christmas (which means there were too many people to take one big group photo). This was also Jesse’s first New England Christmas, and my first in about 10 years!



We traveled to the beautiful big open skies of Colorado before New Years to visit with Jesse’s parents who live just south of Denver.


So good to be in our home state! [Side note: don’t worry, the snow showed up not too long after this photo was taken.]

The week after New Years was full of work meetings as Lumi’s CEO and new CFO (and her husband) were in town. Jesse and I met with them, met with two of Lumi’s Advisors, our US Accountant, and our Manufacturing Director.We had a few skype meetings with the team back in Uganda too. It was so fun to show them the snow outside while the temperatures keep rising in UG!

We are also getting a lot of medical appointments finished. So far, it has all been pretty good news for us, medically.

One of the things I’m really looking forward to, is being at our home church, New Denver Church. Fortunately, we’ll be there tomorrow morning and will share briefly at their morning service.

Next week, I will travel to New Mexico to visit my mom in my hometown….and of course, stock up on some Green Chili! Then, we’ll visit with my father and my little sister in Colorado next weekend. After that we’ll have Jesse’s birthday and about 4 more days of more visits, meetings, and medical appointments before flying back to the Uganda on the 20th!

We’ve really enjoyed our time in the US and are excited to meet up with more people over the next two weeks, but we are looking forward to being back in Uganda soon!

Prayer Requests:

  • Praise:  Grateful for all the progress made and joys in 2017:  settling our house, overall good health, the beginnings of a water project for Rachel, great sales progress with Lumi, nearly completed new product designs with Lumi, finding great expat and Ugandan friends in Gulu, Jesse’s opportunities to preach at church, and two weddings and one baby for the Lumi team!
  • Request:  We are currently underfunded. We are going to be talking with the agency about what changes can be made in our budget to reduce costs, but we may need to raise a bit more support. Please pray with us for clarity in how to best move forward financially.
  • Request:  Please continue to pray for health and safety for us as we travel in the US and overseas. Also, prayers for encouragement would also be greatly appreciated.
  • Request:  Please be in prayer for Lumi. That the business would succeed and for the health, safety, and growth of all the members of the team.

Thank you so much for following along with us, and Happy New Year!

~Rachel (& Jesse) Geiger

One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Sounds like you have been having a good trip. Let us know if you have time when you are in our neck of the woods – no pressure!


    _____________________________________ LEANN CUSTER WorldVenture Cell Phone: 719.323.1981



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