Customer Testimony

One of our Ugandan colleagues documented a customer testimony for us. Here is the transcription…

“Before acquiring lumi solar lamps, we were using paraffin lanterns but we would often have flue that would affect our family members sneezing hard sometimes with black stuff coming out of their nose which worries me.

Since the presence of these lumi lamps, we have seen a lot of changes, no sneezing and the lamps are bright enough. We even used it the other day for catching white ants at night.

These lamps have helped me so much with my family; we have both the small and big one. Now I can light both children’s house and ours but also we do not have to taking our phones to the neighbours for charging like the way we use to do. My children are using the big one because they have to be reading their books!

When I compare these lamps with buying paraffin, this is better. We don’t have to walk longer distances like to Opit market to buy paraffin and we pay slowly slowly which is good for us…we don’t use much money per week since we can charge our phones at home and don’t buy paraffin anymore and you people also come around our homes.”

I thought you all may like to hear a testimony, but also to read some Ugandan-English and learn a few cultural things.

The “white ants” that the customer is referring to are actually flying termites that swarm around this time of year, when rainy season starts. People collect these ants and eat them. Typically they are mashed into something like a meatball and cooked. No…Jesse and I have not tried them yet. Here is a picture of them at our house.

White Ant Collage

White Ants:  The ants swarm toward light at night. Then their wings fall off. In the morning, there are piles of wings along the foundation of our house (far left photo). The wings are really big (top right photo), but so are the ants (bottom right photo)!

Also, “slowly, slowly” is a very common phrase in East Africa. Most people speak Luo here and it is said, “mot, mot”. It is a very helpful phrase! Especially when people ask us if we are learning Luo.


My father visited during the second half of April and we had a great time! My next post will likely be about that.

We have continued working on the new product designs, gathering customer feedback for test products, and will attend a solar training in Kampala this week.

Jesse may have a short trip to Nairobi soon for a Pay-as-you-go solar in Africa conference. Which will be the first time one of us is in Uganda without the other since we moved here.


Jesse still does not have his final work permit. He has been able to get temporary passes up until this time while his work permit application is under review. Immigration laws have changed here in the last few months, and we have been told that his current temporary pass is the last one that they will give him. It expires in June and there is no sign of his work permit being approved any time soon. Please pray that Jesse receives his work permit before June.

Thank you for  following along with us and please let us know how we can be praying for you!

~Rachel (& Jesse) Geiger

3 thoughts on “Customer Testimony

  1. Hey guys! “Bistari Bistari” is the exact same phrase in Nepal! It means slowly, slowly as well. Oh… we are so sorry for the work permit option. We happen to know all about that!! I hope it all works out for you guys. Love and miss you guys. We will be praying for you!

    I think we finally might have found a decent month to month rental and I (Kim) got my old job back! If we end up not returning, I am excited to work with the Nepali refugees in our town or the refugee office in general.

    Lots of love, Kim



  2. Hopefully you won’t be served the white ant meatballs! I don’t think I would even be able to put one in my mouth. Neat to hear about the fruits of Lumi’s ministry. Will pray for the work permit and that things will go well when Jesse is at the conference. “May the Lord show you kindness and faithfulness”. (I read this today in 2 Sam 15:20; David said this to one of his commanders, Ittai, as he was fleeing from Absalom.) Jake


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