Jesse Preached!

Gulu Baptist Church

On Sunday mornings, we attend services at Gulu Baptist Church (GBC). It was started in part, by a WorldVenture missionary long ago (at least 30 years ago), which is how we found out about it. The church is run by Ugandans, and there is only one other expat couple (a lawyer and a geologist missionaries from the UK) that attend.

Front of Gulu Baptist Church

This is Gulu Baptist Church on the second Sunday that Jesse preached. You can see Thomas (founder of Lumi) on the far left in the blue shirt. Jesse is next to him. I (Rachel) am behind the man next to Jesse. The other American in the foreground, with the children, is Margo, the wife of Lumi’s CEO who was visiting at the time.

The lead pastor is currently taking classes at a nearby university, and is unable to preach regularly. This means that we have many guest pastors preaching. Everyone preaches for two weeks when it is their turn. Jesse was asked to preach and chose to share from a sermon we heard at New Denver Church (with permission from the pastor…thanks Stephen!). He focused on how to pray, from Matthew 6.


Jesse preaching on his first Sunday with a translator.

Jesse’s message was apparently very well received the first Sunday, because on the second Sunday, someone stood up and shared about how he did not go out and pray loudly in the streets with a friend that week because Jesse had shared that prayer is about your communication with God, not about the other people around you that can hear you. That same person (who happens to be a local Christian rap artists) wrote a rap (in a local tribal language) using the verses from Matthew 6. That was pretty cool!

We aren’t sure if Jesse will be preaching again, but we wouldn’t be surprised!


Sorry for the long delay in getting this blog post uploaded. We had our CEO and his wife visiting, then another couple from Denver in town, needed to finish up our designs for the EMI Hope Alive project, and then we were/are traveling for 3 weeks! We left home just before April started and spent some time in Kampala, before heading to Mombassa, Kenya for the East African Spiritual Renewal Conference and First Termers time. We added a few extra days for a vacation, too. It was AMAZING! I’ll post about that later.

When we flew back to Uganda, my dad (Rachel’s dad, Russell) flew into Uganda from the US! He will be visiting us for the next 2.5 weeks and we are SO excited to have him here. We are still in Kampala, but will be back in Gulu soon.

Prayer Requests:

  • Guidance and wisdom in work/ministry priorities and how best to use our time here.
  • For our home to be a place of rest.
  • For safety as we continue to travel within Uganda.
  • For Lumi to gain more investors and for wisdom in how to move the business forward.

Thank you so much for following along with us in the journey! Please let us know how we can be praying for you, too!

~Rachel (& Jesse)


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