Hope Alive! EMI Project

Hope Alive!

When we joined our mission agency, WorldVenture, we quickly learned about all the other missionaries that are in Uganda with our agency. One woman, Catharine, founded and runs a ministry called Hope Alive! (http://www.hopealiveafrica.org/). This ministry has 3 locations, with one in Gulu, Uganda. In fact, she has recruited another couple from Denver to come to Gulu later this year! We were able to spend time with them before our move and are looking forward to seeing them again, here in Uganda.

EMI – Engineering Ministries International

When we arrived in Uganda, we met with Catharine, and she told us about her big plans to develop land near Gulu that her ministry had recently purchased. She said that she had applied for Master Planning services from EMI’s East Africa office (emiea.org), but had not yet heard back. I (Rachel) spent a year as an intern with EMI….6 months in Uganda and 6 months in Colorado. Jesse also volunteered with EMI in South Africa several years ago, as well. We were VERY excited about the possibility of an EMI trip in Gulu.

By October, she found out that EMI had accepted her project and that the team would arrive in January! We immediately applied to be on the team, and got approval from Lumi and WorldVenture to join. We we accepted onto the team (Rachel to help with water/wastewater, Jesse as the lead Electrical Engineer). We had a GREAT time! Rachel was able to see two people from her earlier EMI days, and we had 3 Ugandans on the team as well!

Here is a slideshow/video of our project trip!


Here are some photos that we took of the trip as well!

Water Source 1

The community’s current water source.

Stella Getting PawPaw

Our guide (who is up in the tree) wanted us to visit his family. When we arrived, he climbed this tree to get us a pawpaw (papaya). He tossed it down to his wife, who washed it (yes, with that white water shown above) and served it to us. We all ate is gratefully.

Lipstick as a field marker

Sometimes you don’t have a marker on site, so you find your lipstick from last weekend!

Simon Electrical

Here is Jesse and Simon (the other electrical engineer that worked with Jesse) presenting on the proposed power solutions.

Prayer Requests

– Grateful that we are adjusting to life here and finding community!

– For Uganda’s elections as they continue and as results are released and discussed.

– Grateful for a home that is slowly starting to feel like home!…and continued prayer for housing as we have some issues with the house that look like they might not have solutions.

– Please pray for Lumi, and its founder, Thomas. Right now, prayers for wisdom in how to best fill some openings, for our coworkers, and for clear and effective communication across cultures, time-zones, and continents.

-We have a few visitors coming through. One is Lumi’s CFO and his wife. They are from Denver! The other is a couple we know from Denver who are coming out on a vision trip! We are really looking forward to seeing both couples again! =)

– Please also pray for our marriage, and for wisdom, confidence, and peace for us.

Thanks so much for following along with us on this journey.

Please let us know how we can be praying for you!

~Rachel (& Jesse) Geiger

One thought on “Hope Alive! EMI Project

  1. So neat that you can connect on several fronts with different people and ministries. Thanks for nurturing your servant hearts and flexibility. Have a fun day :-)! Jake


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