The Road to Gulu (literally)

We FINALLY moved to Gulu!

On November 17th, we drove a HUGE van with all of our stuff and recently purchased appliances from Kampala to Gulu and unloaded it all in our newly leased house.


Loading the van we drove to Gulu (van is on the right).

The house needs a lot of work. We’ve already had plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and a wall-building team at the house. Looks like we will have crews on site for the next week or two. In Uganda, when looking for furniture, having it made is usually the cheapest option. So, we still don’t have furniture. All this means that although we started our lease about 10 days ago, we still aren’t living there. We definitely plan on moving in before Thanksgiving, though.

During our previous drives to and from Gulu, I kept wishing that there was some way to share the drive with you all. So, this time, I took a photo every 15 minutes (starting from outside Kampala, or about 30 minutes into the drive). I hope you enjoy!


Just 30 minutes outside of Kampala. The rain stopped, so the photos started. From this point, I took a photo every 15 minutes of the drive.








Construction stops have become fewer and fewer as they make more and more progress on the road. They are almost done!






Then we cross the Nile River at Karuma Falls, where we see the baboons!


Everything north of Karuma falls was influenced by the Lords Resistance Army (led by Kony) when the LRA was in Uganda.





Then we reach Gulu town!


Entering downtown Gulu.

As you can see, our drive has gotten REALLY smooth. The roughest driving we have is dodging potholes in Kampala, and then the roads within Gulu town…which are now being worked on as well.

Sorry for the delay in posts. We have been swamped with this housing/moving stuff. I hope to catch up soon, as we have lots of cool stories to share.

Thanks for following along!

Prayer Requests:

  • For smooth transition into this new house (for quick work/repairs, safety, etc)
  • Wisdom, clarity with new routines at Lumi.
  • Praise for finding a home!

Let us know how we can be praying for you!

~Rachel (& Jesse)

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