Moving (forward)


The last few weeks has been FULL of packing and selling and boxing and driving and loading and unloading.

Getting what you own down to a couple suitcases and a little storage space in your parent’s basement takes so much longer than I would have guessed, but we are almost there!

We’ve been working on the house to get it ready to be listed. Windows replaced. The painters started today. All this work is in the hopes that when we list it, it will go under contract quickly. We are hoping to close before May (but it’s okay if we haven’t).

Last night was our first night of our homeless phase. We moved in with my dad, and will be there for a little over a month (but have 6 trips to make during that time), then we’ll be in training for all of May, then we’ll be with Jesse’s parents for June, and then (hopefully) we’ll be in Kampala in a guest room for a few months before we can finally move into our next place. In all, it should be about 5 to 6 months living out of bags. I’m sort of excited about it…but I think Jesse is a bit more hesitant. At least it is just us and we don’t have to haul kids stuff!


We are at about 81% of our monthly support and it looks like our one-time expenses will be met by the time we leave for the field (since we aren’t taking a salary right now, so the monthly support is accruing toward the one-time costs). We were able to present to a Women’s group at Faith Lutheran Church in Castle Rock, CO last week and have had conversations with others as well.  We are still reaching out to a lot of different people, so we believe we will be able to reach 100% (and buy our flights) in July.

Prayer Requests:

– Praise:  Health – We are both feeling a lot better and are over our colds.

– Request (cont.): PE Exam – Jesse continues his study classes for the Professional Engineering Exam every Saturday until mid-April (the exam date). The focus of his exam is Mechanical Engineering Thermal Fluids, and the Professor that was going to review the Thermal Fluids material in his study class has had to cancel due to an urgent medical situation. Please pray for the recovery for the professor. This is a long shot, but since there is no other professor to cover that material (which is the majority of Jesse’s exam), if any of you have taken the Mechanical Engineering Thermal Fluids PE exam and wouldn’t mind chatting with Jesse about the exam, please let us know.

– Request (cont.): House – Prioritizing our time, and especially how much to time and money to put into the house before we put it on the market.

– Request: Now that we are living with family, please pray for great connection time with family (and patience and grace when we step on toes).

Please let us know how we can be praying for you! If you’d like to learn more about the work we’ll be doing in Uganda or how to partner with us, give us a call/email.  =)

Thanks for being with us in this journey.

~Rachel (& Jesse)

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