Conference, Presentation, Scheduling…oh my!


The last week in January was WorldVenture’s Renewal Conference. While I have to admit that I (Rachel) was a bit skeptical about how enjoyable this would be, I had a BLAST! After our first week working from home, I was beyond excited to spend a week with several hundred other people (mostly strangers) and visiting with some friends from our previous trainings with World Venture. Too much to describe in full, but here are some highlights….

– Met so many missionaries that are on home assignment or even retired. SO inspiring to be around who live their live following God’s calling.

– Hearing more of the “heart” of WorldVenture to support those callings.

– Visiting with other appointees that we’ve met along the way!

Renewal Conference Appointee Group, Jan.2015

– A Ugandan-Appointee Ticket-to-Ride: Africa Edition Game Night!

Uganda Game Night


We presented about our journey into missions and what we’ll be doing in Uganda at our church (New Denver Church, on Sunday morning after the conference. It was so great to share with our church. Honestly, I was pretty nervous about presenting and we sort of stumbled through the presentation, but we were grateful and honored to be invited share.

After the service, a lot of people came to talk with us. Some were people who have known a bit about what we are doing, others we had never met before. It was really cool to get to talk with people. We love one-on-ones with people so much more than standing up in front of big groups. =)


Now, we are trying to get about 10 trips, several meetings, and house work (to get the house ready to sell) all scheduled for within the next 2 months. Sometimes it feels like there is no way we can get it all done in time, but I’m trusting God’s timing.

Oh My!:

We also went skiing with Micah DeKorne (from last Thursday! It was a BEAUTIFUL day and so fun! Skiing with Micah_Copper_Feb12

Current prayer requests:

– Praise: We are at 80% of our monthly support!

– Praise: We got our first check from Kroger (the owner of King Soopers, Smiths, and many other grocery stores)! If you don’t know what this program is, please send us an email! It is a free way for people to contribute to our one-time costs with their regular grocery shopping.

– Request: Rachel goes to TX for training with Living Waters this week to learn about hand pump maintenance and repair ( Pray for her to absorb all the information and make good connections at the training, as well.

– Request: Jesse starts his study classes for the Professional Engineering Exam this Saturday and they continue every Saturday until mid-April (the exam date). Pray for him to learn/refresh the concepts quickly and to effectively use his study time.

– Request: Prioritizing our time, and especially how much to time and money to put into the house before we put it on the market.

Thanks for reading, and as always, please let us know how we can be praying for you and if you’d like to meet to learn more about the work we’ll be doing in Uganda or how to partner with us!

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