My Fast Food Life

Confession: I (Rachel) don’t cook.

I don’t mean that I can’t follow a recipe or that everything I make is terrible. I mean that I don’t do it. Like when people say they don’t ski….I don’t cook. I have friends and family that cook. Some of them hate it but do it anyway. Other friends love to cook. They see creating a menu for their family as an art…as a way to show their love…as a form of relaxation. For me, it’s quite the opposite. I usually say that I don’t have time but, since we make time for the things that matter to us, the truth is that food doesn’t matter to me. I could live off of Honey Nut Cheerios, chips with salsa, and fruit for the rest of my life and be totally happy. Food and cooking just aren’t priorities for me.

This weekend, Jesse and I took time “off” and had some fun and relaxation with two of our closest friends who LOVE to cook. Not only do they love it, they are really good at it. Specialty mac’n cheese, breakfast sandwiches, smoked brisket and ribs. They once even made something delicious out of squash!

As Jesse and I were driving home, we discussed how we need more “fun” and “rest” in our lives. We talked about how we’ve been packing our schedules pretty tightly lately (or maybe always) and we can’t seem to find time to slow down. At one point, Jesse said something like, ” just like with home-cooked dinners, if we want to have them, we need to make time for them.” That’s when it clicked…

I have a Fast Food Life.

I can always stop by Wendy’s (instead of eat real food), sleep in this weekend (instead of getting 8 hours tonight), make that call later (instead of picking up the phone right now), and spend time with God during my lunch hour that I always end up working through (instead of when I start my day).

So why am I doing this?…why am I packing my life full? Maybe it’s the idea of getting everything done “under budget and before the deadline”…which would be an engineer’s translation of “make the most of life.”

However, if I’m always pushing forward, doing more, going faster, trying harder…am I living? When you eat fast food or grab something on the road…are you really “enjoying a meal”?

Galations 5:1 says “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.”

Note that it doesn’t say “It is for productivity”…or “It is for others”…or “It is for service”, but that we were set free FOR freedom!

If my schedule is limiting my freedom, I need to remind my schedule who is in charge here, and that it is His plan no matter what my schedule says.

Our partnership percentages have grown at a rate MUCH faster than anticipated and it is truly only because of God’s timing and His plan. The idea of a budget or deadline for us to beat in life is ridiculous (but SO tempting). God’s timing and resources are perfect, and we find those through obedience and faith, not through our own efforts.

Basically, there is no need for my Fast Food Life. I have been set free, to BE free, I can rest in God’s timing and provision, and I can find joy in His love and acceptance of me just as I am (and not in my performance or efficiency).

I still don’t cook. =)  But I do want more time in my life for other things. I want more hang-outs with friends, more date nights with Jesse, more visits with family, more time for fun and laughter, and more time in the presence of God. And I know I am free to have those.

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