Tonight was a blast.

After a crazy long week at work…and at WorldVenture (feels sort of like having 2 jobs)…we got to head to Castle Rock and see a Watoto ( performance at Jesse’s parents’ church.

I (Rachel) went to one Sunday service at Watoto in Kampala, back when I was in Uganda, but I had never seen one of their famous shows. It was AWESOME!…but to be honest, it was also totally needed. It was so encouraging to talk to the kids and gaurdians after the show. We talked about Uganda and where Jesse and I might live, and the work we want to do.

We also started sponsoring a girl through Watoto who is in a Watoto childrens village in Gulu! I’m really excited since we should get to see here while we are there (maybe even see her regularly!).

If you don’t sponsor a child through some time of program, I would really encourage you to do so. I started sponsoring students when I was in High School. I used my allowance and tutoring money. I was at a youth group retreat and decided that I would find the money some how. As I’ve gotten older, it’s been much easier, but at that time, I wasn’t sure how to make that happen. I have two kids through Compassion, which I love working with, and Jesse and I sponsor a girl through our church’s partnership in Guatemala. We actually don’t have a sponsored African student, so I am happy to fill in that missing piece!  =)

Also, on Thursday, we got to participate (with Thomas, the President of Lumi) in a workshop held by the Denver Institute of Faith & Work. It was on Social Entrepreneurship. Very interesting…but we’re still in over our heads in the business/finance side of things. Very creative and passionate group of people. Cool to see what people in Denver are doing to help Denver and the world!

Otherwise, things are going well, but we are exhausted. Lots of forms, and meetings, and we can’t take any time off of work to fit those in since we’ll have to take 2 weeks off in early-July….so that means work a 10 hour day, then have meeting/WV stuff for part of the next day, then another 10 hour day, etc. Prayers for wisdom on how to keep this up…or if we even should…and if there might be another way to support ourselves during training and support raising thought-out burning out.

Thanks for following along with us, as we see where (and how) God is leading!

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