We’re IN!

As you all know, Jesse and I have been pursuing working with Lumi (lumi.ug), a for-profit, Christian, solar company in Uganda for 16+ months now. Lumi is a Business-as-Mission through WorldVenture (http://www.worldventure.com/).

After this long application process Jesse and I had our final interview this morning with WorldVenture and were accepted (they call it “appointed”).

I can’t tell you how happy I am, as I have been dreaming of this for over 15 years. Jesse and I are so glad that we can start moving forward with training and support raising.

In terms of time-line…that is dependent on our fundraising…which is dependent on the amount Lumi is able to receive during it’s next capital campaign. We are hoping to be able to depart in early-2015. For now, we are scheduled for two weeks of training in early July. Followed by an additional few days of training in September.

Thank you for your support and prayers.
We’ll post more info and updates as we have new information.
Prayers for rest would be greatly appreciated as we have been pushing hard for the last…month or two…and could use some rest before training starts on July 7th.

~Rachel & Jesse (aka. Team Geiger)

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