Big Update!

1. We’ve passed our final step in the application process and WILL GO BEFORE THE MISSIONS BOARD on June 24th!!!!!!!!

2. This weekend, Lumi (the company we are hoping to join) will be having a company retreat weekend (with us!) here in Denver!

These are huge!
Also, we are tentatively scheduled for 2 weeks of training in July (assuming we are accepted during our meeting with the Board).

What does this mean?….
After the 24th, hopefully, we will be appointed, and will be officially on-board with WorldVenture (after 16’ish months in application).
However, we’ll still have LOTS of training and at least some fundraising (starting in September, likely) before we can go.
There is almost no way for us to leave in 2014. We are aiming for early-2015.
As for the Lumi retreat weekend…this will be a great time for us to learn more about the company, current on-the-ground situation, funding (for the company and for us), competitors in the area, etc. It is really our first big introduction to the company. Very excited!

We have been hearing more and more about future requirements (from WorldVenture) that we must meet to be allowed to leave for the field. Please pray for us for strength, patience, wisdom while we navigate this process.

Thank you so much for all your support.
~Team Geiger

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