Q&A: Lumi and WorldVenture

Forgot to clarify what’s going on with Lumi and WorldVenture.
Here is my explanation…I’m sure it’s not even 100% correct though, but it gets the idea across.

The relationship between Lumi and WorldVenture is sort of confusing.
Basically, Thomas (see Lumi.ug to find out who he is) had been living in Uganda/S.Sudan for a while. When he began to start this business (Lumi, which is a Christian business), he realized that he needed more support on the field, like the kind of support a missionary gets from their missions agency. So, he contacted WorldVenture (not sure if it really all went this smoothly, but this is at least the Readers Digest version) and they all decided Lumi and WorldVenture were a good fit for each other. WorldVenture is a missions agency. They have been around since WWII and have a branch that is solely devoted to business-as-missions missionaries, which is what Thomas falls under (as will Jesse and I).

I believe, that of all the Lumi staff, only Thomas is also a missionary through WorldVenture. He is also the only ex-patriot living in Uganda that works for Lumi, so therefore the only one to need WorldVenture’s services.

When Thomas decided that he would need a field engineer, he posted the position through WorldVenture, which is how Jesse and I found it.

So, from our perspective, WorldVenture is sort of like a Temp Agency…we are on the books with WorldVenture and they take care of us (health insurance, evacuation coverage, counseling, financial planning, training, etc), but we are actually doing work for Lumi. Since Lumi can cover some of our salary, I’m not really sure how that all will work, exactly.
Maybe WorldVenture is more like the Human Resources branch for us, while we work for Lumi?….like I said, it’s sort of confusing.

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