Mid-March Madness


I am SO glad that Spring is almost over.
Jesse and I have been working double-time to get stuff done at work in addition to our application withe WorldVenture.
My work will be calming down soon, now that the State legislature is winding down.
OH! I gave my first hearing testimony last week to the Colorado House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Energy. I was testifying for work. I had a BLAST and got lots of positive feedback. Very encouraging.
Jesse’s employer is aware that we are leaving, so they are planning for his exit and hopefully will start shifting some of his workload by the summer.
My boss is back in the office now, and is 100%! I missed her, and am VERY happy to have her back. That should help the work load for me, too.

In other news…
I sent out an update email tonight to lots of friends and family and the basic info is given below…

We are on Lumi’s website!

Lumi’s website:

The “.ug” indicates that it is a Ugandan website.
Scroll down the website to see everything. Very informative about the company and its mission. To go straight to us, click “Meet the Team” on the top right of the site.
Jesse and I are listed uniquely. We even got to put in little quotes!  =)
We have been meeting with, and will be directly working for Thomas Bell. He’s awesome.
The timeline as of right now is….
– Interview with the mission board of WorldVenture (https://www.worldventure.com/) in June.
– If we are accepted (which people usually are by the time they get to the Board), then we’ll start officially training in July. Right now, Jesse and I are trying to read the ~20+ books they require. Learning LOTS.
– Lumi is able to at least partially support us…sounds like the can cover about 2/3s of our salary (possibly more, we’ll find out the final number in June/July). So we will need to support raise to cover our moving costs and the other 1/3 of our salary.
– While doing support-raising and training, we’ll have medical stuff to do (vaccines, etc), also.
– Then, once we have completed training and support-raising, I’m pretty sure we can go!
No way to know how long that will all take. Jesse and I are hoping that it will be around the end of the year, but that is pretty ambitious.

I also told everyone about the blog…but if you are reading this, then you already know about it. =)

That’s pretty much all the news for now.
We are still debating about what to do with the house while we are gone, though. Originally, we were going to rent it out, but now we are wondering if we should just sell it. Any advice/thoughts/comments on that decision are welcomed.

Hope you all had a great St.Patrick’s day and enjoy the first day of Spring tomorrow!

-I usually put prayers requests here, but I made a little column just for those on the blog now!-

Thank you for reading and staying in touch!
PS. We have been getting some skiing in!

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