Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


We are re-starting our blog for the new year!

As many of you know, about 18 months ago, our church ( asked us to consider moving to Guatemala to help with our church’s partnership in San Pablo la Laguna (  Jesse and I have been down to Guatemala twice to work on this partnership (in 2011 and 2012), and specifically to focus on the water project aspect of that partnership.  While Jesse and I evaluated moving to Guatemala, we began talks with WorldVenture Missions (  After about 6 months, it became apparent that Jesse and I might not be the right people to move to Guatemala. 

However, during that time, we found an amazing opportunity through WorldVenture!  Jesse and I heard about Luminance in Northern Uganda ( and that they are looking for an engineer with a background in solar sizing, economic evaluation of new technologies, water treatment, previous experience in Uganda, and several other qualifications.  Combined, Jesse and I had all the preferred experience and requirements.  Luminance is a Christian, solar, pay-as-you-go, for-profit business based in Uganda.  The position that Jesse and I are applying for would be to train, mentor, and disciple local employees, work on on-site product trouble-shooting/development, and begin the process of developing a solar water treatment solution for the area.  We are extremely excited about this potential opportunity and have been pursuing it prayerfully.

At this time, Jesse and I are still employed at NREL and the City of Aurora, respectively, and even if we are accepted through WorldVenture, we will likely be at our currently jobs for another year or so.

Please pray for us during this time. For spiritual strength, wisdom, guidance, patience, and peace.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!
~Rachel & Jesse

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