Guidance Update

Thank you for your prayers and patience!
I’m going to need to work on my updating of this blog.  =)


Jesse returned safely home from Africa.  He describes the trip as “rewarding” and “aligning”.  However, it seems to have been frustrating and challenging, as well.  I will try to post some of his photos soon.

Regarding the last post’s mention of life plans being revealed….
I had a strong impression that God wants us to prepare for time overseas.  I was hoping by talking it through with Jesse, it would become obvious as to where and when that would be…but in fact the opposite has happened.  Additionally, over the last two months we have seen more and more overseas opportunities come up that would be years away.

The bottom line is really that I believe we are being told to prepare for something.  For a mission of some kind that will involve overseas work (maybe not even living there, tho).  I have no idea when we might go, if we do.  It could be next year, or in 10 or 30 years.  At this point, I’m just keeping my eyes, ears, and heart open.

Lastly, Jesse may have a job transition coming up.  We will know more about that in the next few weeks.

Other notes:
-Rachel’s dad turned 53!  We babysat Abigail (8) Friday night, so they could go out, and we had a blast with her.  =)
-Jesse’s parents celebrated 28 years of marriage.  We went to see Hunger Games with them and grabbed some drinks afterwards.
-Rachel and Jesse visited Rachel’ grandmother in Crested Butte…twice!  Once with half of Rachel’s extended family (including her brother, James). And the other time was just us and Granny. It was a GREAT time.
-Jesse took Rachel to see her favorite band…Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers!  We had a blast.  =)
-Rachel’s grandmother had a birthday.  =)

-Rachel will attend New Denver Church’s Women Retreat weekend.  =)
-Rachel travels with some girl friends to the Preakness horse race and to visit her Great-Aunt in DC.
-We will both be traveling to Boston for Rachel’s friend’s wedding (and will see more of her family there, as well).
-Rachel’s brother will have his 24th birthday.
-Jesse will know more about his job transition.

Prayer Requests:

Thanks for reading up on us!
I will try to update about once a month.

Thank you,
~Rachel & Jesse

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