This weekend has been so amazing.  Not too much I can say about it yet, since I haven’t gotten to talk it over with Jesse, but God is revealing a lot of His plans for our life.

Otherwise, the Ladies Night at my place on Saturday went wonderfully!…and so did teaching Sunday School yesterday.  There are times when I teach those kids, that I swear it is the longest hour+ of my week, but usually it is like this week, were I just can’t love on them enough.

I got an email again from Jesse, looks like he will have some limited Internet access, which makes me VERY happy.  =)

Sounds like he and the team are struggling a little more now.  Sounds like project stresses and team dynamics, mostly.  He asked for prayers in his email, so if you could remember him and the team, that would be great.

After this weekend, I really feel like God is preparing us for something.  I’m SO excited.  It feels like something has changed, something has started, but I’m not sure what…I just need to be ready.  =)

Thank you for thinking of us.  Please let us know how you are doing and if there is anything we can be praying for, for you. 

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