Jesse is in South Africa!

Jesse landed in South Africa today!….or yesterday, depending on where in the world you are.  =)

His flights went well and he says he is tired but happy.
Tomorrow, he and the team will fly from Johannesburg to Durban to reach the project site.

I’m doing fine, but definitely miss him.  It is hard that I can’t just call him up and hear his voice, but he will be back soon, and he sent a short email from Joburg when he landed that made my day.  =)

In other aspects of life, Jesse and I are completing the Crown Financial course through our church. We have already learned a lot and are feeling a lot of releif getting our finances figured out.  The long-term concept of this program is to find financial freedom to be about to serve the Kingdom.  Jesse and I didn’t realize that when we joined, but it seems so ironic that we feel more and more pulled to longer-term missions and then this is the goal for Crown.  =) 

Jesse turned 26 in January, and I will be following him next week. =)  My mom and I have birthdays that are only a day apart, so I will visit her for the long weekend and that should be great.  My brother and his girlfriend will be coming up to visit us and some extended family in Colorado the week after that (once Jesse gets home), so that will be fun, too.  We should get some skiing in, then.  =)

Also, it looks like my Guatemala trip will be shorter, and possibly sooner.  Since I am the “water” person, it doesn’t really make sense for me to go on the full team trip, so I might go down earlier than June with just a few other people to get some sampling done.  Through Healing Waters, I can use a lab in Guatemala City…so I’ll have to go to the site, get samples, bring them back to Guatemala City, and get results and come home.  It should be interesting.  Guatemala City is not known to be a very safe place, but I bet I can find a place just outside the city.

Lastly, Jesse’s father successfully completed back surgery last week for a herniated disc.  I will get to see them on Sunday morning for breakfast and will get an update then.

Thanks for reading!

Prayer Requests:
-Safety for Jesse while in South Africa
-Guidance for life/work/missions, etc.
-Healing for Jesse’s father’s back

Please let us know if/how we can pray for you, too!

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