Jesse is going to Africa!

Jesse is going to South Africa!…in less than 3 weeks!
He has been talking with Engineering Ministries International (EMI, to participate on a master planning project for a Christian ministry ( in Izingolweni, South Africa. EMI is the same organization that Rachel worked with in Uganda and Colorado Springs. His trip is about 13 days in mid-February.  He will be completing a renewable energies site assessment, as well as locating electrical infrastructure for the team’s Electrical Engineer.  Jesse will primarily be looking to utilize solar and wind energy on this site.   
We are SO excited for this opportunity.  We have been praying for something like this for a few years now.  As many of you know we are also working with our church’s partnership in Guatemala, where Rachel is doing a lot of water supply work.  This will be Jesse’s first opportunity to apply his renewable energy experience in the developing world.  We could not be more excited and grateful!
We LOVE doing these projects, and are truly feeling led toward them.  In fact we anticipate continuing to do this type of mission/humanitarian work for the rest of our lives, whether through short-term trips like Guatemala and South Africa, or possibly for more long-term assignments in the future.
 We have been learning how to integrate community into our lives over the last few years.  Honestly, doing this work can really expose how limited an individual can be (or even a couple).  I know a lot of you are engineers/scientists and sometimes we need ideas/advice on our projects. Other times we just struggle with how vast the needs are of the people we serve and we need encouragement and prayer.  We don’t want our missions work to be without community, and this is our way of trying to establish that community.
Through prayerful consideration, we have decided to reach out to our family and friends for support.  Essentially, we are trying to find partners who want to join us in these projects and keep in-touch with the work we are doing.  You never know what the future holds, but if we are ever called to a more full-time ministry path, we would love to know that we have an encouraging network of people to pray for us and support us on that journey.
Since people working and serving with EMI and our church are contribution-supported, these groups are able to provide free services to communities in developing countries.  We have both been blessed with great jobs in our fields of interest (renewable energy and water resources) and were able to fund our Guatemala trip last summer (~$1,500 each). However, with Jesse’s upcoming South Africa trip ($2,500) and Rachel’s Guatemala trip (~$1,300) we don’t believe self support is sustainable.  Please pray about supporting us financially now or in the future, as we would greatly appreciate any assistance.  Regardless of financial contributions, we desire a supportive community of partners.
Please pray/think about joining our team and being a part of what we are doing.  If you live nearby, let us take you out for coffee and talk to you about our projects.  We’d love to tell you what we are doing!  If you don’t live nearby, call or email or “follow” this blog and I promise I’ll be good (once a month) at updating it about our lives and projects.  If you don’t follow blogs, please let me know if you want me to add you to our email list (it will have the same content as the blog, but in an email).
Thanks for reading and please let us know if you would like to join Team Geiger!
~Jesse & Rachel

2 thoughts on “Jesse is going to Africa!

  1. Rachel… That is amazing! I pray you both are able to do God's work at the best if your abilities. You have so many talents & gifts, what a blessing to actually use themand have the faith that He will provide. Keep it up, I'll be praying for you two 🙂


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