Solar + Water + Jobs

 The Need:

– 1.2 billion people in the world without power
– 780 million people without clean water
– 2/3’s of Ugandans 18-30 years old are unemployed

The Call:

Love people by using our engineering skills to improve living standards.

Jesse – Renewable Energy
Rachel – Water Resources

The Plan:

Solar + Water + Jobs

Solar + Jobs:  Lumi is a Christian, for-profit business in northern Uganda. It provides jobs, discipleship, and training to local staff, and increases the accessibility and affordability of electricity through offering rent-to-own solar power products.

Water + Jobs:  Founded WET Consulting Ltd; a water well drilling and water supply services firm. This business creates new water sources in northern Uganda while providing empowering local rural communities to bring water to their villages through subsidized water wells. WET also provides hygiene training and creates long-term jobs in the local community.

One thought on “Solar + Water + Jobs

  1. Congrats Team Geiger! We’re very excited for you on your journey. Thanks for sharing! Best of luck in Uganda. Thanks for the invite to the BBQ. We’ll be out of town for a wedding. To Your Success! Jim and Sam


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